How do you make something that’s already amazing just that little bit better? You don’t – you make it a lot better. Dyson engineers have been working for three years on making their “Fans” perform better.

image001Launched 5 years ago, then known as “Air Multipliers”, now known as “Dyson Cool Fan” using “Air Multiplier technology” these things are strange – something very different to see and use. But for great reason.

croseRather than cutting through the air and pushing it out in chunks like a traditional fan would, the Dyson fan range takes the air through vents at its base and pushes it up and around a circular (or oval like) “fan” which has a multiplying effect on the air around it.

This new generation offers the same concept, same performance and similar look, but after three years of R&D there’s a lot going on under the hood.

Using small tweaks of the internal design, including making the bottom of the circle thicker than the top and changing parts of the internal airflow, Dyson has removed a large amount of turbulent air flow and thus the most important improvement – a reduction in the volume of noise produced.

lferrisOn the desk fan model, that reduction is 75% – it becomes remarkably obvious when you have the old and the new side by side. At full power the new model sounds like the old model was at 1/3 power.

Because of the reduction of turbulence there is less demand on the motor which also reduces power consumption.

All in all, it is a win win for consumers.

While they look similar, up close you will see the difference, the most notable being that the old model had a “dial” on the base for speed, while the new one has a digital display for speed which is controlled on the remote.

The new models are available now, and you’ll find them in major electrical retailers – be sure to ask for the latest version to get the sound and power savings.

  • AM06 Desk Fan: $449
    • Comes in black/nickel, iron/blue & white/silver
  • AM07 Tower Fan: $649
    • Comes in white/silver & black/nickel
  • AM08 Pedestal Fan: $649
    • Comes in white/silver

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