Look, there’s no hiding my love for the Apple AirTag. We gave it an award last year, we’ve investigated the many ways it can be used and we even used one to track an interstate parcel delivery. But the Chipolo CARD Spot is bloody sensational.

Chipolo were announced when Find My tracking and locating was announced, but their small AirTag like trackers haven’t made it to Australia – most likely they need to update packaging to meet our standards.

Fear not though, the Chipolo CARD Spot is available – It’s got Apple Find My on board, and works with the Find My network and app, and I’ve been using it this week – outstanding!

In my travel folder, where I keep my passport, I did have an AirTag – but it was just floating around in the coin zip compartment.

Enter the Chipolo CARD Spot which is a credit card like Tag. And by that I mean, it’s as thin as a credit card. Slides into the travel wallet with ease, and would easily do the same in your own wallet, or even your work ID tag holder.

This little gadget, sitting in your wallet will mean you never lose your wallet again.

I should point out, Chipolo have their own app, their own device locating network. Just like competitor Tile, their devices work with their app, and anyone with their app will help other Chipolo owners find their devices.

Difference between Tile and Chipolo is that Tile seem to think they can go it alone. Nope. Nothing is as good as the Apple FindMy network.

So their Chipolo CARD Spot is compatible with the Apple FindMy app and network. That means press the tiny little button on the CARD Spot and it emits a signal, goto Find MY on your iPhone and add a new device – “other”.

Your phone will find the CARD and add it to your account. From this point on, it’s operating exactly the same as any Apple AirTag, it’s just thinner. Simple.

There’s also no replacement battery, so you’re buying into obsolescence – That’s life – otherwise it would need a button battery and that’s going to put it on the “most wanted” list by Aussie retailers and it will never see the light of day.

It’s $54.99 – so $10 more than an AirTag, but will stop working in about 2 years. So next to an Apple AirTag that’s not great value.

However – good luck finding a way to jam and AirTag into plenty of tight wallets or card slots. Really impressive bit of technology here.

I think it would be a tough sell to someone who doesn’t know how great AirTags are – but honestly, this thing is amazing.

Buy it direct from MacGear Group online in Australia