eBay celebrates 15 Years in Australia – Which Aussie town has the most active eBay users?

It could be that eBay is actually the unsung hero of the internet in Australia.  Can you believe the site has been around (The local version) since 1999?  That’s 15 years – feeling old yet?  To Celebrate, eBay is having a sale, plus they’ve released some fun stats.

eBay Website_1999

(The original eBay Australia website)

It all started (according to eBay Australia) with an Aussie selling a Harmon Kardan amp to a US buyer – since then the site has ramped up pretty well – now over 8 million Australians use eBay every single month.

To put that in context, in 15 years there have been 681,000,000 transactions.  Blimey!

Marking the anniversary, eBay will have a 15% off site-wide for just over a day, starting Midnight on Sunday 14th September, ending Monday 15th at 12pm.

But here’s the fun part.  Would you buy a $50,000 car on your mobile phone?   The most expensive item ever bought via the eBay mobile site/app was a Range Rover Sport in 2014 (over $50,000)

Nothing in the electronics category is searched for more than the iPhone 5.

eBay Map_HorizontalGet this – there are over 1600 eBay sellers who take in more than $1,000,000 in sales every year!

If you think your item is doing well with 20 or 30 bids, think again.  In 2006 a Sharp 32 inch LCD TV received 1126 bids!

The most expensive item sold (outside of the motoring category) was a Gladstone fish and chip shop – which sold for $110,000.

And interestingly, that puts this next one into some perspective: A few years back, a bloke in Perth sold his “whole life” including his car, motorbike and house.  Ahh.. under $110,000?  Poor bugger.

And… the most active town in Australia?  Toowoomba.


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