It could be that eBay is actually the unsung hero of the internet in Australia. Can you believe the site has been around (The local version) since 1999? That’s 15 years – feeling old yet? To Celebrate, eBay is having a sale, plus they’ve released some fun stats.

eBay Website_1999

(The original eBay Australia website)

It all started (according to eBay Australia) with an Aussie selling a Harmon Kardan amp to a US buyer – since then the site has ramped up pretty well – now over 8 million Australians use eBay every single month.

To put that in context, in 15 years there have been 681,000,000 transactions. Blimey!

Marking the anniversary, eBay will have a 15% off site-wide for just over a day, starting Midnight on Sunday 14th September, ending Monday 15th at 12pm.

But here’s the fun part. Would you buy a $50,000 car on your mobile phone? The most expensive item ever bought via the eBay mobile site/app was a Range Rover Sport in 2014 (over $50,000)

Nothing in the electronics category is searched for more than the iPhone 5.

eBay Map_HorizontalGet this – there are over 1600 eBay sellers who take in more than $1,000,000 in sales every year!

If you think your item is doing well with 20 or 30 bids, think again. In 2006 a Sharp 32 inch LCD TV received 1126 bids!

The most expensive item sold (outside of the motoring category) was a Gladstone fish and chip shop – which sold for $110,000.

And interestingly, that puts this next one into some perspective: A few years back, a bloke in Perth sold his “whole life” including his car, motorbike and house. Ahh.. under $110,000? Poor bugger.

And… the most active town in Australia? Toowoomba.