No more sticking it under your tongue (or worse), reading your temperature just got a whole lot easier… and non-invasive.


The Withings Thermo is a small device powered by just two AAA batteries which will last two years. The Thermo works by pushing the device to your temple and a reading is provided in two seconds. The Thermo contains 16 sensors that take 4000 readings in that short period and then carry out calculations to remove variations due to ambient temperatures and skin heat-loss.


The Thermo will light up to indicate whether the temperature is high, normal or low and will also sync the data to your smartphone via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Temperature data can be contextualised allowing you to add comments at each reading and also to later share that data with a physician. This is fantastic for helping diagnose and monitor a fever.

Debuting in the US this Q1 for $99.95 USD, it should arrive in Australia shortly after.

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