The problem with describing this product is that it spans a few categories, so I think I’ll define a whole new category – Hybrid Wearables. This is any device that does more than one of the key functions of a primary wearable category – in this case – a connected device for your smartphone and a top-notch fitness band – the Garmin Vivofitsmart.

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A more advanced sibling of the successful Garmin Vivofit the vivofitsmart also challenges you to better fitness by giving you a new daily step goal based on your previous usage.

140219-vivosmart_HR_10411.1-bed6da-large-1409628369In addition to that though, the vivofitsmart also pairs with your smartphone via Bluetooth and uses the discreet screen on the band to offer vibration alerts for notifications of incoming text, email, call, calendar reminders.

Unlike the Vivofit (original) there are no year-long claims of battery life here, the Vivofitsmart will last around 7 days before requiring a charge – on par with its Jawbone/Fitbit counterparts.

The Garmin Vivosmart will be in stores in October in a range of colours and two sizes, and will set you back $199.