The YouTube video looks like something that would fit in well on an infomercial TV channel, but when you cut through the sales pitch, this is a very cool idea from the smart folks at Worx. It’s an all new approach to tasks you might normally have done with a Wheelbarrow – the AeroCart.


WX050 herodollyLooking like a combination of a trolley and kitchen sink, the AeroCart relies heavily on the two-wheel stability and long-handled leverage to make work around the home a whole lot easier.

They compare lifting almost 100kg of rock when using a wheelbarrow to the same load in the Worx AeroCart – achieving a dramatic reduction in the perceived lifting weight.

Described as an 8-in-1 there are functions that a trolley might carry out, a wheelbarrow and frankly I can’t name the rest by looking at it, but as a lightweight approach to lugging things around your yard it looks like a winner.

It comes with a Bag holder, Cylinder holder, Rock holder strap and Flower pot strap so that probably answers a few more of the 8 uses.

It seems small, but looking at the capacity (113 litres, 136kg) it’s comparable to a standard wheelbarrow at the same price from a major hardware store.

It’s $199, and frankly, Dad would love it.

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