So we’ve looked at the best racetracks in the world, that discussion is raging here at EFTM and on twitter.  The whole thing got me thinking though – Which motorsport events are the ones you’ve just got to put on your bucket list?  The ones that when you “check in” on Facebook your mates are going to get very jealous about!  Here’s our top picks.

I’d like to think I come at this with some experience. I’ve attended a lot of race-meetings in my time.  When I was 17 I travelled the world with my best mate Ian seeing IndyCar races in the USA, F1 in Europe, Karting and Le Mans.  Plus, a whole heap of great Aussie motorsport.

Monaco F1 Grand Prix

Monaco F1 - photo by BertS

You can’t argue this one can you? The track – Tick, the race – well, strategic, the location – big tick, the glitz and glamour – tick!

This one is at the top of my list personally, it’s just a place I need to witness Formula One in full flight.

Bathurst 1000


“Bathurst 1000 NSW Australia” by thomasrdotorg 

Having attended this race over so many years, it never grows old.  In fact, the race itself has been better in recent years than ever before.  As a fan though, there is now so many options up the top and down the bottom of the Mountain.  There’s more structure, better facilities and there’s the pilgrimage to the Mountain itself from wherever you are in Australia.

Daytona 500

"The U.S. Army - Daytona 500" by The U.S. Army

“The U.S. Army – Daytona 500” by The U.S. Army

NASCAR is something else.  Fast flowing action, hard up against the wall, banked turns, amazing strategy – but the Daytona 500 – such a huge event, the crowd, the brand, this is an event that must make your list.

Philip Island MotoGP

Photo: Santosh Raghavan

Photo: Santosh Raghavan

This one is for the two-wheeled fans.  Your local Grand Prix is at a track that is made for bikes.  The turns, the straight, the whole combination makes the racing excellent and the trip across to the Island itself makes this something unique.

It would have been something very amazing to see when Wayne Gardner, Daryl Beattie and even more recently Casey Stoner were dipping their knees at the corner, but even so the place holds something special in the hearts of Aussie race-fans.

Indy 500

"Indianapolis Motor Speedway" by Rick Dikeman

“Indianapolis Motor Speedway” by Rick Dikeman

The Brickyard.  I want to stand on the main “straightaway” and see those bricks on the start/finish line.  I want to see the totem pole leaderboard, I want to see the cars at full pace up against the walls and through the banking.

Indy – like NASCAR is a processional race with slow but amazing passing, and I think the atmosphere amongst the crowd may be the best part of it all – I’ve just gotta “check in” there some time soon.

Le Mans 24 Hours

Photo: Alessandro Prada

Photo: Alessandro Prada

For me, this one is a tick.  I remember telling many people who having been there and done that, the Le Mans 24 hour was 23 hours too long.  I was a 17-year-old and it was part of a long trip around the world.

What I remember is the scale of the place.  There is so much to see on the outside let alone the racing itself.  These cars in the dark are scary to watch, yet thrilling and I think everyone should see it in their lifetime.

Singapore F1 Grand Prix


Of all the F1 races other than Monaco, I think Singapore is a must see because of the unique nature of things.  A street circuit, bright lights and an almost purpose-built precinct around the bay with the Marina Bay Sands and attached centres.

Having visited Singapore during non-race times, I think the best case here is to get a hotel room with a great view of the track and enjoy the weekend – the perfect mates getaway perhaps?

Mugello MotoGP

Photo: motoracereports

Photo: motoracereports

What makes Mugello so special on the MotoGP circuit.  There’s something powerful about the Italian crowds and the way they turn out for the big events.  This one is for the atmosphere as much as the race itself.

Any motorsport in Italy is appealing, so lets assume you’ll sneak some more in while you’re there.

Rally Finland WRC Round

Photo: Pasi Piesanen

Photo: Pasi Piesanen

What is it with those Fin’s and their car-control?  If I had to choose a WRC round it would be a nordic one for sure, the terrain would make it a whole new world.

I’d like to see the local stars and their home crowds while I stand on some tight hairpin turns or special stages.

The Dakar Rally

I’m not sure there’s a place worthy of watching this from, except to have attended some parts of the event.  Be it the start-line or a desert checkpoint this one’s for the “been there done that” category.  The Dakar – even those with a remote interest in motorsport would know what you’re talking about.


So, what do you think?  It’s time to put the bucket list together – what have I missed?