We’ll often hear about pairing the right wine with your food and it’s proven that when it’s done correctly can transform the experience. Tantalising your tastebuds is one element, however sound is now something else we will be considering as a “Songmelier” steps in to pair wine with music.

Spotify and alcohol delivery service; Jimmy Brings, has come together to bring a range of wines with their own playlist that combines the best tracks for the flavour profile. The three wines are an Australian Sparkling, Sauvignon Blanc and Reserve Shiraz. Their playlists are all very different and will last long enough to see the bottom of that bottle.

The process is really simple in practice. Once the wine arrives you’ll take your smartphone and open Spotify. Even if you’re using a free or premium version you can then select search and tap the camera icon to scan the code on your special bottle of wine. Spotify will then direct you to the playlist and you can kick back and pour your first glass.

Jimmy Brings co-founder Nathan Besser said the Songmelier Edition range would have hosts breathing a sigh of relief, delivering the ‘party’ to dinner parties around the country. “No dinner party is complete without wine and music, so we decided to help relieve the stress of hosting friends. The Songmelier Edition gives our customers everything they need to create a night worth remembering; perfectly paired wines and music,” Mr Besser said.

The wines will be available as a three-pack for $59.99 (RRP $65.97) and will be available to order via the free to download app, online at jimmybrings.com.au, or by phone on 1800 JIMMYS.