Have you ever wanted to take a BMW M3 worth almost $200,000 for a spin at speed along a German Autobahn? BMW offers you that chance in Munich with a service called “BMW on Demand”.

Of course you can rent a BMW M3 here in Australia through sports car rental companies in most capital cities, however there are a couple of reasons that might not be quite as much fun. Firstly, you’ll need to fork out at least $500, probably more, for a single day hire. Secondly – you are aware we have speed limits here in Australia aren’t you?

So let’s go back to the heart of this – if you are ever within cooee of Munich this would have to be a must-do experience for any bloke. This is no special deal – it’s a standard service from BMW. There are 25 different vehicles available to take for a spin – anything from the 1 series to 7 series and the X range.

Starting at 16€ ($21) and up to 40€ ($54) you can take your pick of BMW vehicles. Click on the one you want, schedule, and you’re done. EFTM spoke to a bloke who did this just recently and took an M3 out along the Autobahn at some startling speeds – in just four hours the tank had just 10km range left on it – something that the folks at BMW were not unhappy about because “that’s what you’re supposed to do”. Imagine burning through a tank of fuel in a BMW M3 coupe in four hour- yeah, sure, no drama.

Even better, at the day-time rate a maximum of four hours is charged for a whole day hire (9am-6pm), and just 2 hours for a night hire (6pm-9am). It’s being billed online as a ‘car sharing program’ which I guess it could be, given you can see availability and book online – but let’s not compare this to GoGet or something – we’re talking about a great driving experience right at the heart of BMW.

Seriously, can you think of a more exciting way to spend an afternoon in Munich? No way. Travelling with your wife or partner? Take a BMW out for dinner and a drive before morning!

Where: BMW Welt

Web:BMW On Demand