I can remember fondly getting to enjoy a drink of Creaming Soda when we visited my Aunty Peggy back when we lived in Griffith back as kids. She had a SodaStream machine and it was like we got to make our own “fizzy drink” – little did I know that it was also super affordable!


Checking out the affordable new addition to the SodaStream Range – the SodaStream Play – all those memories flooded back.

Take a bottle filled with water, push it up into the SodaStream, push down and presto you’ve got bubbles. Add the flavour and you’ve got a drink!


I honestly can’t remember much more than that, and don’t really know why the “Play” is so much cheaper than the “Source”, coming in at around $120 as opposed to the $170 of the top model.

However, when you buy it, it’s all about colour!

Look online at Myer and you won’t even find a “Play” to buy, you have to buy the parts – a top, middle and bottom. The great thing is you choose the colours!

For our kitchen, white was simple and perfect, but if you’ve got some coloured accents in the house, add that to the kitchen with the SodaStream Play.

It’s so easy the kids can do it.


If you’re locked into the flavour of one of the big brands, you won’t get satisfaction from the “cola” here, but my kids enjoyed the taste of the “orange”, and for $7.45 the flavour bottle – which makes 12 litres – makes the ongoing cost of drinks worthwhile growing to love any flavour.


Great for weekends with people around, or for stocking the fridge with home-made fizzy – check it out.

Perfect Christmas gift for the family.


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