We’ve tried a sample set of Soul sweat resistant headphones before, the Soul Combat+ range looked like something you’d go to war wearing rather than simply jog with. However now there’s a more lightweight, less macho and possibly more practical alternative. The Soul Transform.

CIL_8517The set of Soul Transform headphones that arrived on EFTM’s desk are more for the type not facing full on, frontline active duty. Very lightweight, but still robust enough to deal with the rigours of calorie burning type duties.

For example let’s take a couple of hours of lawn mowing on a 34 degree day for example. A breathable polyurethane headband, which is basically a rubbery mesh like ventilation strip certainly helped the sweat escape my rather bald head. But it’s the removable and washable moisture wicking ear pads that really make life comfortable.


The claim is the colour matched ear pads which in our case were electric blue, stay dry during your workout. I can attest to this claim, while the rest of my body was pushed beyond its boundaries during my rigorous lawn mowing effort my ears indeed breathed easily. The wicking process obviously draws unwanted moisture into the ear pad, but thankfully and hygienically the pads can be removed and washed.

Every company that produces headphones claims to have a “Signature Sound”. Soul lends itself to a bass heavy approach. It’s far from audio connoisseur levels but considering the racket my four-stroke Victa produced it was pleasing enough.


The Soul Transform comes equipped with a tangle resistant flattened audio cable with an Apple in-line controller that also repels moisture.

At a RRP of $169 the light, brightly coloured and moisture wicking effort from Soul isn’t all that cheap, but it does the job and feature adequate sound in my opinion. Check them out at www.soulelectronics.com.