As we suspected a few weeks ago when Spotify and Vodafone announced a “partnership”, free Spotify Premium is coming to Vodafone customers.  Don’t rush out and cancel your subscription payments yet though – there’s a lot of detail to get through!

Vodafone_14Vodafone today announced that new and upgrading customers on 12 and 24 month “Red” plans would receive a Spotify Premium subscription which would normally set you back $11.99 a month!

The offer is limited to the $70, $80 and $100 “Red” plans, for new and upgrading customers.

Here are the plans the offer is available on, and the length of Spotify subscription access you’ll get.

$70 Red plan 12 or 24 months, 6 Months Spotify

$80 Red Plan 12 or 24 months, 12 months Spotify

$100 Red Plan 12 months, 12 months Spotify

$100 Red Plan 24 months, 24 months Spotify

If you choose the $45 or $50 Sim Only option for 24 months, you’ll get 6 months Spotify, while on the $55 Sim Only for 24 months you’ll get Spotify for 12 months.  And finally on the $70 Sim Only plan for 24 months you’ll get Spotify for the full 24 months.

Complex huh?

Not quite the all-in deal we might have hoped for but hey, someone’s gotta pay for the music right?

If you reckon the devil is in the detail, take the time to read the full FAQ from Vodafone.

Oh, and for existing Vodafone customers:

  • Customers who connected to a plan before July 2, 2014: In order to receive a Spotify subscription, existing customers will need to move from their existing plan to an eligible Red plan (via a rate plan change or an upgrade). There is no extra charge to move to a like-for-like or higher-cost plan.
  • Customers who connected to a plan after July 2, 2014: Customers have the option to rate plan change (move from their existing plan) to an eligible Red plan OR, add a Data Add-on to receive a Spotify subscription. The subscription period will be based on the Red plan you are connected to.

For those of you with a Spotify subscription already and also eligible for this deal, we suspect you simply cancel your premium subscription then contact Vodafone for details on the upgrade!