The Samsung Galaxy Book S is what you get when you take everything Samsung knows about mobile phones and combine it with how people use their laptops – and I love it.

There’s really no beating around the bush on this one, the Samsung Galaxy Book S is built to take on the MacBook Air head on – and it smashes it.

Same price ($1,699), Similar profile (Ultra-Thin) and built to be portable.

How the Samsung Galaxy Book S Differs is quite stark. Touch-Screen, 4G Connectivity built-in, and an outstanding battery life.

On those three things alone, it’s a slam dunk.

Using a mobile based processor, Samsung is able to extract some serious battery life from this device. Of course they say 24 hours or more, but that’s if you’re offline and watching video.

In real-world usage, connecting to WiFi, switching to 4G, powering up and down as you need it, this is an all-day battery – no question. I can’t imagine taking a charger for a day at work, a day of meetings or even an overnight trip for business. That’s outstanding.

Insert a SIM card into the easy to access (No poker/pin required to get the SIM tray out) 4G Sim Tray and you’ve got always-on connectivity.

Basically, the laptop uses your 4G SIM unless you’re on a WiFi network. Works a treat – and works while roaming if your SIM allows it.

Then there’s the touch screen. If you’ve never used a touch-screen laptop this might seem silly, but it’s not. Touch-screens are not for every click and every action, they are for simple swipes or taps.

Scrolling on a webpage, tapping confirm on a form – sometimes it’s just easier to use the touch-screen.

Now because this isn’t a high-spec processor, this is not a laptop for video editing, this is not for extreme tasks. But, it is 100% perfect for more than just basic tasks – don’t think of this as a silly netbook – this is a powerful laptop made for all-day working or all-day entertainment like video streaming.

Windows 10 login comes via the simple to use fingerprint reader in the power button, and the keyboard is comfortable and very usable.

Head to head with MacBook Air – I don’t see you buying a MacBook unless you have some issues with Windows. The value added by the 4G connectivity and Touch-Screen alone are clear winners.

Compare it to other Windows laptops and this is one of the thinnest and most feature rich on the market – it’s only comparative issue is not having an Intel processor which makes comparison easier, but if processor power is something you’re searching on, you must be doing something over the ordinary with your device – so you need to do some benchmark testing research I’d say.

For me, I love it – I don’t want to send it back!