If your kids are into Skylanders, brace yourselves – there’s a new wave coming.  As my son pointed out to me, there are a few “question marks” on the poster which came with the latest “Trap Team” version of the game, and the reason for them has been revealed with new characters available after Christmas under two new elements – Light and Dark.


Ever since Skylanders was created, there have been eight “elements” under which all the characters have been grouped.


Magic, Tech, Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Life and Undead are the groupings which effect what each character can do within the game.









To add some serious value to the $34.95 packs – available from Boxing day – are all new areas of the game, so if your kids (or you) have worked your way all the way through Skylands in Trap-Team, then there’s more to explore – not just new characters.

You’ll find them at Big W, Target and EB Games

For the full story, I’ll leave Jackson to tell you: