Sometimes a deal is too good to be true.  Other times, they are just bloody good deals – we reckon this deal is the latter.  Telstra is offering the iPhone 5C for just $399.

This was their tweet:

That was followed by a very simple question from a mate of EFTM Ross Catanzariti:

And, drumroll – the answer:

UPDATE: It turns out “Greg” was 100% wrong.  Reports have flowed in all day saying the phones ARE locked to the Telstra network.  Now while Greg was wrong, it is still a pretty good deal all in all

Now that seems a good deal.  But it gets better.


To buy an iPhone 5C from Apple will cost you $539.  And that’s for the 8GB model.  The Telstra offer is a 32GB model!


Now, it’s only available in two colours, and stocks will be low.

Telstra tell me the offer is available in-store, so check ahead if you’re keen, or buy online now and you MIGHT just get delivery by Christmas.


Cracking good deal that one!