What were you doing 20 years ago? Ok, easier question, do you remember what you were doing around the time you were playing the original Playstation? Scary thing is, they are one and the same. To celebrate this milestone – Sony’s done something beautiful.


This is the 20th anniversary edition PS4 – celebrating the very first Playstation 20 years ago.


That very first console was something cool (launched December 3 1994) – something different, and perhaps not even Sony could have hoped it would shape them as an organisation as it has – or last so long.


Even the Playstation 2 seems archaic to me and that’s reasonable given it was 14 years ago (March 2000)


For me the Playstation 3 is the one that got me playing more and more games (launched November 2006)


Last year when the Playstation 4 hit the shelves it was a fierce battle with the Xbox One for the title of best “next generation console” – the truth is, they are as good as each other with unique features which appeal to some not others and as it happens, Sony have kicked some serious goals. Tens of millions of Playstation 4’s have been sold, in addition to the cumulative 100 million Playstation’s sold in the 20 year history.


This limited edition 20th Anniversary PS4 is dripping with simple touches that make it desirable to hundreds of thousands, yet only 12,300 are being made.


Returning to the original “Playstation Grey” along with the original Playstation Logo there’s something appealing for many gaming fans.


Across the whole unit is an embossed pattern of the Playstation symbols and the number 20.


This is also shown on the touch-pad of the grey controller.


With just 12,300 being sold, Australia misses out – around 4,000 units will be sold in the US, Japan and Europe.

Fear not. Playstation know you want one.

So – head over to the Playstation Australia Facebook page, and Twitter account and stay tuned for regular giveaways!