You’ve got a shiny new device, you want to protect it.  So you buy some screen protectors.  Ever wondered why there is always more than one in the packet? Because they suck and are very hard to install.  Belkin is going to change that.


This TrueClear Pro screen protector installation service will be provided by retailers and has already be trailed in Australia ahead of a roll out some time (hopefully early) in 2015.

The idea is simple.  You choose your screen protector, take it to the counter.  The retailer will then install the protector for you using Belkin’s own application system.


At CES they were offering installations on 12 different types of phones, including 4 iPhone models, 4 Samsung Galaxy and a few more.


They have two protectors available, their “invisiglass” which is a thin bendable sheet of glass or the transparent plastic version.

The person doing the application will ask you to remove any case on your phone, then they will clean the screen of your finger prints etc, and then use a sticky applicator to remove all traces of dust.


(Your phone in the machine to apply the screen protector – NB: I was recording a video of it at the time for fun)

Once done your phone is placed in the machine, the new protector placed over it and after a swipe like and old-school credit card reader your phone has a new screen protector.

Any bubbles are pushed out with ease and you’re good to go.

No word yet on how the service will be charged, most likely the item itself will come at a premium which covers the retailer’s time.

I had it installed on my iPhone 6 and the result is sensational.

Oh, and it wont work with just any screen protector, it has to be the Belkin ones which come with the required holes and layers to perform the service.