There is a bit of gamesmanship and competition between manufacturers at the Consumer Electronics Show when it comes to who did what first and who did what the biggest.  It seems to me, TCL has come from no-where to steal the show this year.


While in the past we’ve had LG and Samsung announce simultaneously the “World’s First” in a few areas, from what I can see only one manufacturer is claiming a Guiness World Record when it comes to TVs.

TCL, the Chinese manufacturer who has been chipping away solidly at the Australian market for a few years now has produced the World’s largest 4K (Ultra High Definition) Curved TV.


Its huge.  110 inches. That’s 254cm from top corner to bottom corner opposite.

While it’s big, and it’s a record, it is also a full 4K TV, featuring an LED display with active 3D and a whole bunch more.


Perhaps most impressively, it’s not just a TV, it’s a centrepiece.  The design of the base, and the back of the TV are exceptional, wooden panels along the back and a fantastic looking base.

For sure it’s on show to prove a point – TCL is a manufacturer and a retail brand, and they can do it too.  But it’s a pretty impressive point they’ve made.

110 inches is a curve I’d be happy to sit in my lounge room:)