Walking and walking the show floor at CES you see a lot of products, some you expect, some jump out at you.  This smartwatch did that.  It seemed very familiar.  Is that an Apple Watch?


I was at the announcement of the Apple Watch in Cupertino, so I’ve seen them in the flesh, had one on my wrist.  What I see here at CES looks remarkably similar.  But alas, it is of course a cheap Chinese knock off.

Called the Just Play Watch


The fact these things can exist baffles me, the young lady representing the company who I spoke to seemed blissfully unaffected – she told me – without prompting that it was “a little like the Apple Watch” – ya think!


What makes this even more blatant is the software, taking cues from Apple’s watch software the icons are circles and everything.


There are actually two models.  Both with this “NEW Exclusive Design” (new back when Apple announced it and one would think Apple planned it to be Exclusive to them).


The JP-K8 is a “Smart Watch” with SIM slot, so it is the whole box and dice when it comes to the Dick Tracey phone on your wrist idea.  It also has Bluetooth (3.0), a resolution of 240×240, 128+64MB memory, supporting up to a 32GB TF card and somewhere there is a 2.0Megapixel camera.  It supports Android phones (while running that Apple Watch-like operating system).


The JP-K8 Plus is a Bluetooth connected watch, using Bluetooth 4.0 to pair with your phone, and supporting Android and iOS.

Both are available in four colours, Black, Silver, Gold and White.


Coming to a Chinese market stall and no international country soon.