Triby is another one of those gadgets I just wish everyone could have, but I know that it will only get a tiny slice of the (very very big) market.  It’s a Bluetooth speaker with so much more going on that it’s perfect for young families.

trilby-1Triby is designed with the kitchen in mind, on the assumption that this is where it will spend most of its time, as this is also a regular place all of the family go.

Sure you can pair your smartphone and play music via Bluetooth streaming, and yes, it has a magnet on the back so the speaker is right there on the fridge – but that alone would not make it an innovative product.

Likewise, the speakerphone.  On the go in the kitchen, use Triby to act as a hands-free speakerphone for your mobile calls.  Great, but not amazing.


The innovation comes in when WiFi is added, using that Wifi you can program two hot-keys for instant access to internet radio, but perhaps most importantly you can program two phones into the Triby to make one touch phone calls.

trilby-3Mum and Dad add the Triby app to their phone, program those two phones into the keys on the Triby, and the kids simply walk up, press 1 and dad is on the line.  It’s a free call, all made via the internet.

Grandma or Granddad can install the Triby app and be given access to call the device also, but without access you can’t make unauthorised calls.

That was enough to sell me, however there’s one more thing.  A little e-ink screen on the front.

Using the app on your smartphone, no matter where you are in the world you can sketch out a note or drawing and have it appear on the screen, a nice touch.

You’ll get  a month’s battery life out of Triby so no need to charge it every day.

No word on Aussie pricing or availability, here’s hoping!