Good news! I’ve found your new TV at CES. Call me boring, but I’m not a fan yet of the Curved screens, my lounge room, like many others has the TV placed in such a way that we really need every possible viewing angle, so a “flat” screen as old school as that now seems, really appeals. At CES this year, Sony announced something very nice.

16023896319_a34018ba71_hI think you could even refer to it as minimalist. The X9000C – available in 55 and 65 inch models is Sony’s thinnest ever LCD TV.

It’s just 4.9mm at its thinnest part, which basically gives you a thin top half with the bottom half bursting out a bit with the guts of the TV itself.


Walking alongside it there is that same “wow” factor we’ve seen for years with thin TVs from lots of companies, and in your home that’s one of the great benefits.

But under the skin Sony has done some work too. They’ve got a new processor (the X1) to help improve the clarity and accuracy of 4K video, no matter where you get it from (disc or streaming).


Sony also have a triluminos display which really does add some depth to their colour range, but as I’ve said a million time before, you have one TV in the room, not like at retail – when you sit a good quality screen like this in your lounge, you’ll not be wondering about the colour comparison to any other.

Partly that is because we choose TVs for their design as much as we do for their picture quality. This thing is huge, but so simple. The stand is just some “feet” sticking down under the screen while the edge of the TV seems non-existent it’s like the screen just sits on the feet with nothing else.


Perhaps critically for Sony, they also announced that all Bravia TVs will now run Android TV. While LG adopts WebOS, and Samsung its own option, Android TV is an open platform that could be a winning bet for Sony – only time will tell, but it does mean a huge range of apps and features, and the klout of Google is with Sony on that one.

Aussie pricing and availability will come much later in the year, needless to say this is one of the TVs that you’ll want to get up close and personal with at your local store when it hits.

Disclosure: Sony contributed in part to the costs of Trevor Long’s trip to CES 2015