Got an LG G3 Smartphone? LG VR for G3 is your ticket to Virtual Reality

So Samsung have their Gear VR – a high-tech headset for an immersive Virtual Reality experience. Well in March LG will make available to owners of the G3 their own Virtual Reality technology – VR for G3, and it’s a whole different ball-game.


The big difference – about $249.  EFTM understands the VR for G3 will be free to owners of the LG G3 smartphone, it’s essentially a promotional item to allow you to get even more from your G3 smartphone.

VR for G3 is Google Cardboard – made from plastic.


Google Cardboard is pretty well described by its name.  Its cardboard, holds your phone, splits your vision and some lenses included.  You can buy that online for $20 or so.  The Google concept was built to create a 3D world with Cardboard compatible apps now littering the Google Play store.

They work the same as the Gear VR from Samsung in many ways.  The screen splits in two and when you hold it up close it’s a 3D vision for you which is then combined with the gyroscope in the phone to really immersive thing when inside Cardboard.


The LG experience is solid, easy to assemble, and is made for the G3 so the power button on the back is accessible while keeping the whole “device” easy to hold together.

No strap is included to hold it on your head, you’re meant to hold this with your hands.


The 3D experience is amazing.  Get the roller coaster from the Google Play Store and get motion sickness from the first lap.  Unbelievable what a little thing like this can do to your senses!

If you own an LG G3 – stay tuned to EFTM online and on twitter for details on how to get your own VR for G3!


[schema type=”review” rev_name=”LG VR for G3 ” rev_body=”A promotional item for G3 smartphone owners that creates a 3D and Virtual Reality experience” author=”Trevor Long” pubdate=”2015-02-16″ user_review=”4″ min_review=”0″ max_review=”5″ ]

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