We’ve got big wraps on the quality on offer from Mazda, and as a Mazda 2 owner I’ve been looking forward to a spin in the new-generation Mazda 2 for a while now – it didn’t disappoint.




Variant: Genki

Engine / Transmission: 1.5 litre in-line 4 cylinder 16 valve DOHC S-VT

Vital Stats: 76kW / 135Nm

Mazda Claimed Fuel Economy: 6.8l / 100km

EFTM Claimed Fuel Economy:7.2 / 100km

Manufactures List Price, all prices include luxury car tax:$23,990


Wow Factor: Taking the styling which is now standard across all Mazda’s and putting it into the Mazda 2 is good for the eyes. It looks great at almost every angle, and is a fine evolution from the previous generation

Most Impressive: Your in-car infotainment system is pretty darn solid for a small hatch, and then when you throw in the SkyActive technology it’s getting better. The real impressive thing here is quite simple – the Head-Up display. On a $24,000 car, it just shows this could be and frankly should be on any and all vehicles.


Least Impressive:The trim is great, but I couldn’t help feeling that the look and feel of the interior in the Maxx variant was a little more premium. Perhaps just because of the stand-out design in it.

Early Verdict:I own a Mazda 2, 2010 model, and I love it. This new generation really steals the show offering the same snappy little package in a much better look. It’s a winner and a must see for anyone looking for a small car.