We’re big fans of the Blunt umbrella – the New Zealand company introduced them to EFTM a few years back and you know the sad part of that story? We’ve lost ours 🙁

image002True Story. The Blunt umbrella we were sent to test out way back when we first saw the product was kept as our primary umbrella, at the front door when you need it, in the car when we’re out and about.

Problem is, we have no idea where it is. None at all.


So imagine my joy when the team told us about the new addition to the Blunt family – Blunt + Tile.

Tile is that little tracking device you probably saw endlessly in your Facebook feed about a year ago.

Attach Tile to anything and find it or its last location.


If you’re within 15-30 meters of your Blunt + Tile umbrella your Tile App can send a signal to the Tile and it will play a sound.

No idea where it is? The App will show you the last known location. Simple

It’s available in three colours, and at a very reasonable price of $99 for the Metro and $124 for the Classic.

Pre-order yours now at bluntumbrellas.com.au