A real breakfast can be an absolute chore. So many things to cut, scramble, dice, heat, flip and serve. And then the washing, rinsing, drying and packing away. If this sounds like a drag then Kambrook is providing Christmas in March.


Meet the Stack & Snack Sandwich Maker from Kambrook. This little stack of joy makes breakfast the easiest task you’ve ever completed.

In as little as five minutes you can create an egg & bacon sandwich. Add your ingredients to each layer, push the button and then remove the spacers to stack them up and serve. Simple.

Add whichever ingredients you like, try adding haloumi or ham or even salami to mix things up. Replace the bread with an English Muffin, the choice is yours.

This little guy and time saver will set you back a whopping… wait for it… $50 and it is available right now.