Ahh Reddit, you’ve done it again.  Somehow these cunning people of the interwebs come across a gold-mine of information.  Tonight, it’s Netflix Australia pricing.

Unconfirmed of course, but it looks pretty rock solid, and it appears that without the need to charge GST (Netflix is operating out of the USA so don’t need to charge local GST) they’re going to be able to undercut all players with an $8.99 starting price.

Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 7.45.07 pm

If you want HD you’ll have to pay $11.99 and for that you’ll also get an extra simultaneous stream on another device.

For 4K resolution and up to four screens watching you’ll pay $14.99.

Reasonable prices, but in fact they put Stan in a pretty good place in the market at $10 for HD at the get-go, it’s more likely the Ultra HD or the scale of the library that will get you going.


And again, if these leaked screenshots are accurate, it does look like a pretty deep library.  Be careful though, plenty of the titles here are appearing in multiple categories.Opyn016

For the full leaked title list jump to the leak

Details and discussion at Reddit

Thanks Rob for the tip.