The day has arrived, you can head into an Apple Store and see the Apple Watch, the first new product line from Apple in five years, and something very different. And if you’re wondering just what it might be capable of doing we’ve found five Aussie apps which will be ready to go when you own yours on April 24.
It’s been proven with the iPhone and iPad that the real success of a product isn’t the device itself, but the app ecosystem that lives within it and empowers users and enables a word of things never before considered.

This is why Tim Cook revealed the product over 6 months ago, and why developers were given access to the Watch software months before today’s first public showing.

Here’s five Aussie Apps that you’ll be able use on the Apple watch right from the get-go, and open our eyes to what might be possible down the track as more and more developers get thinking Apple Watch.


If you’re looking for a new place, you’ll probably use a website like to search and find places you like, and create a shortlist.

With the Apple Watch you’ll be able to flick through your shortlist, see the homes on your wrist to check you’re at the right place, or what time the next inspection is.


Plus you can record short voice notes about a property right on the watch which are then uploaded to your account.


So much data exists about our travel, why not have it on your wrist?


With the Qantas App you’ll be able to view up to date boarding times and gates at a glance to ensure you never miss a flight.


Additional features of the Qantas Apple Watch app include:

  • Summary of a customer’s next trip;
  • View time-zones of both departure and arrival destinations while in the air;
  • View waiting time in transit airports, and which lounges you can access;
  • Frequent flyer account summary; and
  • View baggage carousel information.


Woolies are extending their already excellent app from the phone to your wrist with the Apple Watch. Now your watch can show you your nearest Woolies, and even give you an aisle by aisle walk through of your shopping list.

7. Store-Info

Now, let me tell you – I think this is one of the best ideas yet. No matter how you keep your list on the phone, in the Woolies app or as a note – where do you put your phone? The seat of the trolley? Then it slides off, turns off, it’s a pain – this could be just what we need.

5. Product-View

(Imagine that combined with ultra close proximity beacon technology so the watch knows where you are in the store! All for the future!)

6. Specials

Invoice 2 Go


The little central coast company that could. With millions in funding lately to grow the company this small business invoicing and billing app is next level stuff on the Apple Watch.


If you time your jobs and send invoices from the App currently, all that will be possible on the watch. Start a job, then press end when done, the time is calculated and an invoice could be sent right from the watch!


Trip View


Never miss a train! With this companion app to the popular public transport timetable app for your smartphone TripView will ensure you know what trains are coming and when you need to be at the platform!


So – you getting one?