Avengers_Razors_LR_04v9With the impending launch of The Avengers: Age of Ultron on April 23. Gillette has announced four new razors that are too good to be true.

In a collaboration with Stark Industries and Gillette four new models are set to never arrive on the market.

The prototypes have been modeled after members of the Avengers: Iron Man, The Hulk, Captain America, and Thor.

Gillette Avengers_ironman


The Repulsor1 with Exoblade has an Arc Reactor Technology that generates a perpetual energy supply to obliterate face hairs with Uni-beam pulse bolts.

Gillette Avengers_thehulk

The Gillette XL Gamma with stress-triggered sensors and an unstable molecular structure can increase up to 700% in razor mass and brute shaving force.

Gillette Avengers_CaptainAmerica

The Gillette Ultra Strike is rebuilt with Super Soldier Technology and has a rare Vibranium-coated Shield Cartridge that shoots out from the handle to cut targeted hairs.

Gillette Avengers_thorr2

The Gillette Thunder scorches hairs to the follicle with micro-lightning and an honor based gyro-gravity field to make it borrow-proof.

Now you can feel as sad as I do knowing that these four razors may never make it to the shelves of stores.