The whole point of  a pocket knife is to be in your pocket at all times so it’s on hand right when you need it, and when you’re camping that really could be any time.  The smart folk at Gerber have designed a small pocket knife which they say is the perfect day-to-day companion.

MiniParaframe-FineEdge_hero1 It’s called the Paraframe and it’s the smallest of eight knives in the Paraframe series and comes with the same frame-lock design as the larger models.

Around the house or shed, you can use the Paraframe mini for opening annoying hard plastic packaging, maybe cutting some new cord for the line trimmer or snapping the tags off things you’ve purchased.

Out camping, it’s going to be right there with you no matter what you need.

Easy to open, and locking away securely, it’s safe in your pocket and comes with a reinforced stainless steel handle and pocket clip.


Overall length is 15cm, the blade is 6cm, and when it’s closed up it’s 8cm long.

Grab yours for $22.95 from Gerber Gear