Nespresso are not done yet releasing new flavours for your taste buds to experience. This latest from the successful coffee company is called the Monsoon Malabar and EFTM has put it through our machine (a few times) to let you know how it is.







The Story

Nespresso explain the story of the new flavour and where the name comes from and reword it in rather simple terms; 300 years ago coffee from southern India (Malabar) would board wooden ships and sail for six months to their destination in Europe. During this voyage, the wind, the sea air and the duration would have a strange effect on the coffee which once a more efficient transportation was found, so was this unique flavour. Today, this same flavour is achieved through creative warehousing exposing the beans to similar climates achieving a process now known as “monsooning”.


The Flavour

I prefer to have my coffee straight. No milk, no froth, just the black gold. Loading the Monsoon Malabar into my Nespresso U and starting the process is always exciting for me. I stare closely as the coffee starts to stream into my glass and notice something immediately, looks thick and not watery at all, a very good thing.

The pod is rated at an 8 which surprised me a little, the flavour was not overly intense and extremely smooth. If you had to rename the pod with a Disney character it would be Aladdin. Drinking the Monsoon Malabar has hints of wood chips and spice with the silkiness of velvet pants, perfect for a magic carpet ride.

monsoon malabar

The Price

Some more good news – this limited edition pod is the same price as your other pods – $8.90 for 10. No $30 sleeve here! Next time you’re shopping for capsules, throw a 10 pack in and taste it for yourself, we may recommend the Aladdin soundtrack for background listening.