Subscription services for the man


Going to stores and buying anything has become old fashioned. It started with the tech industry but the subscription service is moving into everything we buy and I’m hooked.


Years ago Spotify (for example) launched and people were able to stop buying songs and sign up for an all you can eat buffet of music and pay a service fee month to month, a subscription service. Recently Australia were able to start using Netflix in Australia which brought the a similar experience to TV and movies. But what about physical items? Here are a few that could save you time, money and improve your life.


Razor Blades as a Service

Shaving is a part of life for us blokes, I work in an office and need to the chin of Harvey Specter to appear presentable. Rather than buy blades as part of my groceries, which are expensive, I signed up to the Dollar Shave Club. Every month (or bi-monthly) you can receive fresh blades delivered to your door. It’s very inexpensive and the blades are actually fantastic, the best part? Using a new blade each week… because I can.


Socks as a Service

Men wear socks until they have holes in them, then they wear them for longer. Eventually the socks are so deteriorated that they no longer survive a wash and vanish is lint. We also stick to the safe colours such as navy, black and brown. I’ve ventured into the socks subscription service and love it. Essentially you sign up to a service and they’ll send you fresh socks every month. The companies I have used send you random, artsy socks which honestly get people talking. Sit down at the office, throw a leg over the other and boom, the sexy socks are on display. I’ll receive comments almost daily. In a corporate world where our attire is almost uniform it is great to have some excitement on your feet. Services such as Soxy (an overseas company) provide five pairs of socks for $45 per month to your door. Recently we tested Soxy Beast (based in Australia) who work with local artists to produce one unique pair each month, deliver it to your door for $15 per month AND donate a portion of the proceeds to a charity. Feel good, look good.


Food as a Service

Something I will stress over each weekend; what are we going to eat this week, how do I make it and where do I go to buy it. Well local company, My Food Bag has a pretty neat solution to that. My Food Bag will arrange your meals to suit you or your whole family, provide the recipes and the ingredients then deliver it to your door. The meals aren’t always the same so you wont get bored and the food is locally sourced and fresh. The cost varies depending on the package you select but the best part is having the right food and nothing sneaking it’s way into the trolley.


Living in Sydney his entire life, Geoff has always had a close eye on technology. Through school and immediately after, tech held his focus. Attending University later in life, Geoff began his IT career immediately after leaving high school and has been in the industry ever since. In his spare time he launched a YouTube channel focused on consumer tech that had millions of views. This led to work on community radio talking tech every week and has now stepped him into the studios of 2GB / 4BC every Saturday helping people with tech problems and reviewing the latest gadgets.

When Geoff is looking away from the screen he can be found holding a glass of red wine, spending time with friends and/or watching the Formula 1.



1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Gary Lum

    April 7, 2015 at 8:58 pm

    I agree it’s like doing reagent rental deals for instruments in laboratories or the current creative cloud arrangement with Adobe. Constantly updated and state of the art technology on tap without being left behind.

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