For fans of Stranger Things and Squid Game there’s now frozen foods aimed right at you in the chilled section of your local Coles Supermarket.

Inspired by the two hit Netflix shows, there are nine new products available for your next Netflix and Chill evening.

Surfer Boy pizzas inspired by the Pizzeria in Stranger things have a fully retro box to really get into the theme, and come in Rad Pepperoni and Gnarly Hawaiian.

Stroll down through Starcourt Mal to Scoops Ahoy for a 1 litre tub of Ice Cream in three flavours, USS Butterscotch, Cinnamon Buns and Vanilla and Cookie Pieces.

Then there’s the Hellfire Club Spicy Wing Nibbles from the Hawkins High School society in Stranger Things as well as the family owned and operated Benny’s Burgers branded Beef Brisket BBQ patties.

For something a bit more challenging, take your game night to the next level with Triangle, Circle and Square shaped BBQ Chicken Nuggets in a 9 Pack with Squid Game branding, while there is also a 12 pack of Stuffed Potato Mashies with a red and green filling.

Tim Lane from Coles was pumped about the Netflix partnership, saying “Following the success of Stranger Things and Squid Game in Australia, we know our customers will love being able to bring to life their favourite shows at home and experience them in a brand-new way,” he said.

“We’re committed to working with suppliers to expand and diversify our product offering and this innovative range draws on inspiration from the concepts and brands fans have seen throughout the shows, with products you can’t find anywhere else in Australia that we think will be a lot of fun.”

Surfer Boy Pizza Gnarly Hawaiian 530g$10
Surfer Boy Pizza Rad Pepperoni 530g$10
Scoops Ahoy U.S.S Butterscotch Icecream 1L$10
Scoops Ahoy Cinnamon Buns Icecream 1L$10
Scoops Ahoy Vanilla and Cookies Icecream 1L$10
Hellfire Club Spicy Wing Nibbles 500g$10
Benny’s Burger BBQ Beef Brisket Patties 480g 4 Pack$10
Squid Game BBQ Chicken Shapes 225g 9 Pack$10
Squid Game Stuffed Potato Mashies 360g 12 Pack$10