Young, impulsive d’Artagnan left home to join up with the legendary French musketeers of the Guard in Alexandre Dumas’ tale, but what he did best of all was capture the minds of EFTM competition winners. Whether he was technically a Musketeer is another issue entirely.

In our Three Musketeers giveaway, we asked you to tell us who was your favourite Musketeer and why. Well, the results are in and they are as follows:

With 12 per cent of the vote… Porthos!
With 17 per cent of the vote… Athos!
With 18 per cent of the vote… Aramis!
And with a whopping 24 per cent of the vote… d’Artagnan!

Now, the mathematically inclined may notice that there’s 29 per cent of the vote that’s missing. That 29 per cent included votes for Milla Jovovich and Orlando bloom, who are clearly not Musketeers. Of course, the same could be argued for d’Artagnan (it is the story of the Three Musketeers, after all), but we let it slide.

So, who won?

We had five copies on DVD and five copies on Blu-ray to give away. The lucky winners are below:

Julie Bambach
Rowan MacDonald
Amanda Palmer
John Reilly
Johanna Rees

Monique Mennerich
Mick Gillies
Mark Fraser
A Leong
Roberto Colombi

Congrats to the winners! We’ll be in touch soon to organise delivery of your prize!

To everyone else… Stay tuned for more exciting competitions to come in the coming weeks!