stack snack

When we heard about the Kambrook Stack & Snack we knew it was something that we needed to test. One product that can make a bacon and egg muffin? Lets see.


The Kambrook Stack & Snack is a really small product, smaller than a kettle. It weighs more than you’d think which speaks volumes about the quality of the product. It’s the simplest product to setup, just plug it in and pay attention to the lights.


The Stack & Snack has seperate compartments that allow you to build your breakfast, ready for cooking and a simple way to assemble it when the time is right. The machine needs to warm up and once the light is green you can start building your snack.


One thing to note though is that the Kambrook Stack & Snack is not going to cook your bacon or other meat. It will toast the bread, muffin or crumpet and cook your egg, but wont make your bacon. Cook that first before you build!


After you build and close it all up, wait five minutes and then using the rubber handles slide the middle one to the left and this will drop the egg and muffin top onto the rest of your snack. You can then use the other handles to reveal the complete bacon and egg muffin. It is WAY TOO EASY.

The middle sections easily come out of the Kambrook Stack & Snack for cleaning and it’s ready to go again. Do be careful when using this product as the hotplates get… hot. So make sure you use the rubber handles.


The Kambrook Stack & Snack is a really neat product for anyone wanting to make breakfast in a few minutes. It’s small, easy to clean, costs very little ($50) and is still a quality product. We love it.