We’ve seen plenty of movement on consumer mobile plans, offering better deals, more data – you name it.  All in an effort to sign more customers.  But there’s a new battleground – Small business.

If you’ve got an ABN you’re entitled to different offers, new deals – in any number of services, including your mobile phone.  The best offer we’ve been able to find comes from Vodafone, offering 30% off the price of their SIM only month-to-month plans which sits them ahead of Telstra and Optus.


Launching online and in-store on April 8, the deals are appealing not just because of the price, but also because there’s no lock-in contract.

Here’s how the carriers compare:

Optus $30 500MB Unlimited
Vodafone $35 3GB Infinite
Vodafone $42 4GB Infinite
Optus $45 3GB Unlimited
Telstra $55 2.5GB $550
Vodafone $56 6GB Infinite
Optus $60 6GB Unlimited
Telstra $80 4GB $950
Telstra $105 5GB Unlimited

You can see that Vodafone’s discount strategically puts them below Optus in data value by a whisker, while even Telstra’s offers are appealing, they aren’t a patch on the others if you need to make a lot of calls and are a bit data-hungry.

So, if you’ve got an ABN – time to start shopping around.