Are you using the default keyboard which came with your computer?  There’s plenty of other options and that kicks off the next set of tips in our A-Z of tech tips created in partnership with Officeworks

These tips are written to bring you new information you might not have considered before, and to prompt you to ask if you’ve got the best tech for your business or home.

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  • SAM_9867K. Keyboard evolution
    Keyboards have come a long way – ergonomic ranges are now available for those who spend long periods of time behind the desk, while wireless keyboards are perfect if your desk’s cord clutter is starting to become a concern.
  • L. Laptops to live by
    We live versatile lives so choose a laptop that can adapt to your needs. Convertible laptops are becoming an increasingly popular device, with the ability to switch from laptop to tablet instantaneously.
  • M. Mobile means agile
    Is your office on-the-go? Connect every device in your mobile office with one simple connection using a WiFi hotspot that can connect up to ten devices on super-fast mobile broadband.
  • N. Networks count
    Don’t compromise on the hardware that supports your office or home
    network. Quality routers will ensure the fastest flow of information from computer to computer when sharing files.
  • O. Online presence
    69% of SMEs in 2014 reported their website improved the success of their business3, which highlights the importance of having a digital presence to gain a competitive advantage. Google has recently updated its search rankings to benefit those who have a mobile compatible website – make the move or risk losing business.

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