Continuing my list of 26 great tech tips for home and small business in partnership with Officeworks, this post looks at F-J (Not the old Holden!)

Some of these tips may seem obvious to you, but remember there are plenty of people perhaps less “techy” than you, or perhaps just one of the 26 will stand out to you – that’s a win!

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  • SAMSUNG CSCF. Facebook is your friend
    Facebook continues to dominate the social media landscape, with 95% of social media users on the platform. If you’re a small business, use a Facebook page to geo-target people in your local area, or people all around the world by specific personal traits (demographic and interests-based).
  • G. Google it
    If you have multiple people accessing and editing documents and spreadsheets, try a Cloud solution like Google Docs which allows you to edit at the same time as well as see each other’s changes in real-time.
  • H. Hosts with the most
    Two-thirds of SMEs have a website, so if that’s you, ensure you find a good web host as not all are made equal. The right web host will ensure fast connection for
    your visitors, and a reliable service. Your web host could be your most valuable online business partner.
  • I. Information instantaneously
    Watch movies, TV shows and documentaries instantly with online streaming providers that have recently launched in Australia. Alternatively, use an Apple TV or Chromecast to watch entertainment from any of your devices on your HDTV.
  • J. Join devices
    Pairing multiple devices to the one Bluetooth speaker is now possible so you don’t have to argue with your friends and family over what music you should play.

If you want a sneaky look at the whole list jump over to the Officeworks Blog for my full 26 tech tips, we’ll continue the list here over the week ahead.

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