If there’s one thing I can always count on at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas it’s the weird and whacky.  CES Asia has not disappointed on this front either, with the Robot Chef my standout favorite thus far.

Screen-Shot-2015-04-14-at-1.07.02-PM-1024x604The theory goes that if you record one action then playing it back in repeat will result in the same outcome.

This concept could easily apply to the kitchen where a dash too much of something, a few extra degrees on the hot plate of stirring a little more vigorously than intended could have an obvious effect on the outcome of the dish.


Enter the robotics company behind Moley.  Today I watched Moley make a crab bisque from scratch.

Moley is a set of robotic arms, not unlike this you might see on a factory floor, however Moley’s job is to cook.

The plan is to record the cooking of a range of high profile chef’s on a range of dishes. Once recorded, any owner of Moley can replay it and serve the ultimate dish.


They don’t actually think we’ll have this in our kitchen, perhaps instead of the local restaurant or take-away store.

Oh, and one bit problem – crab bisque is all it can currently do, oh, and if one ingredient or utensil is out of place – it’s all over for Moley.


A long way to go – sure, but exciting nonetheless.