For those serious about tennis, Sony may just have released a product that will improve your game.


Yes, a technology company assisting you with your sports ball game. The Sony Smart Tennis Sensor is now available in Australia and it is taking the internet of things (IoT) onto the court.

A relatively small sensor weighing only 8 grams screws into the bottom of your tennis racquet, connects to your smartphone and allows you to log more information about your swing than you’ve ever imagined.


So what exactly can it log? Number of shots; Ball impact spot; Swing type(Determines the swing type); Swing speed; Ball speed (Initial speed) and Ball spin. Additionally, you can use live video mode to record and play back footage which automatically syncs with your shot data, so you can further analyse your technique. You’ll then be able to watch this in slow motion to really analyse how you can improve your performance.

It’ll run for 180 minutes in data logging mode or in live sync mode you’ll manage 90 minutes, which for me would be more than one game! If you have an Android Wear smartwatch you can also view the live data on your wrist, it might just give you an edge during a game 😉

If you have a Wilson, Prince, YONEX or Head racquet then Sony has a nifty little gadget to help you. It is available now for $249.