A final few tips in our A-Z of tech tips in partnership with Officeworks.  This time, have you ever wondered what would happen if you lost power at your home and office? How do you protect your tech?  That kicks off the last few tips in our A-Z

I might be biased, but these tips are the best example of saving the best until last.  From U to Z there’s some interesting things you might not have considered which can make your business more reliable and your life a little better!

  • INSMT1000I_ky_apc_smart_ups_1000va_lcd_230vU. Uninterrupted power saves the day
    An Uninterrupted Power Source (UPS) is a tech essential, as it provides emergency power during a main power outage. An uninterruptible power supply will prevent data loss and allow the chance to shut down your device or service correctly.
  • V. Virus prevention
    Anti-virus and internet security software is important not only for protecting you from viruses and malware, but to help prevent you from falling victim to scams. You really can’t put a price on your online safety.
  • W. Widespread wireless
    Is there an area in your home or office that has poor WiFi coverage? Try a wireless range extender to boost your internet speed in those black spots.
  • X. X-Ray visionary
    X-Ray vision and virtual reality is making waves in some of the most influential tech companies in the world. It’s worth looking at how your business could potentially use virtual reality experiences to engage customers and generate some positive word of mouth.
  • IMG_0110Y. Yes to wearable tech
    The new phenomenon has brought us products like Jawbones, Fitbits and smartwatches changing our lives – for the better. Stay on top of your fitness, calorie intake and sleeping patterns using wearable tech to increase your overall health.
  • Z. Zero distractions
    If you work in an open plan office but struggle to concentrate with all that’s going on around you, perhaps try using noise cancelling headphones to help you focus on the task at hand.

That wraps up our A-Z of tech-tips, it was great working with Officeworks to put them together.  I agreed to do this because the power of the Officeworks network means the tips get shared further and wider than I could ever do on my own.  And if more people get more ideas how to better use technology and learn more about technology – that’s a win.

Read the full list on the Officeworks Blog, and find your local Officeworks store to pop in and ask a question if you want more information.