Oh Foxtel, you’ll look back on the past few years and realise you made some mistakes – but there is light at the end of the tunnel with a more logical strategy now in play – but it might be a confusing time for customers ahead

EFTM can reveal that Foxtel is closing down the Foxtel Now App – and focussing entirely on the Foxtel Go App.

The tip comes from a Foxtel Now user who has been offered Beta access to an updated Foxtel Go app after it was determined Foxtel Now was not supported on the latest version of Android – Android 10.

There is no suggesting that Foxtel Now as a service is shutting down, just a consolidation of all the streaming access to Foxtel Content in one place – Foxtel Go.

Think of it this way, there are currently three ways to receive Foxtel – Satellite, Cable or via Streaming.

Cable will shut down in the years ahead as Foxtel looks to save big dollars on the Cable delivery fees to Telstra. 

That leaves Satellite and Streaming as delivery methods for live Foxtel channels. 

When the cable shutdown happens many Customers either can’t or won’t want to move to Satellite. 

They will logically be told they can simply use the Foxtel Go app, and quite possibly there is scope to allow streaming of live channels into the IQ4 box – similarly to how Fetch operates Now.

For new customers, there will be a simple conversation about what packages they want, how they want to receive the channels, and thus they will be Foxtel customers one way or another.

We have no information as to if Foxtel Now will continue as a brand, more on that as we learn more from Foxtel. 

A new version of the Foxtel Go app is currently in Beta testing, no word on when these changes will happen.

Early use of the Beta app by EFTM tipsters suggest there are some auto play ads for upcoming shows shown between content threads, but otherwise it all seems the same experience.

Overall, this is utterly logical, and with Smart TVs and area that are lacking Foxtel’s OTT play – a single app is the smartest way for Foxtel to solve that problem on all platforms for their entire base of “Foxtel” customers.