We’ve got it pretty easy in Australia when it comes to Winter.  Sure in the snow it gets cold, but for the most part what we consider cold is a balmy day in many European countries.  But for those of us who know how to sook about things like the cold, I’ve found five cracker gadgets to keep you warm in a range of situations this Winter!

Dyson Hot + Cool


Dyson’s range of “fans” are not just your average fan.  They don’t have blades, are safer for families with little kids, and quieter too.  Their “Hot + Cool” range adds ceramic plates that heat instantly and allow the air to flow over them to produce a warm flow of air.

The latest range has a jet focus or a dispersed in a wider area for full room heating.

In a small room, or a large lounge area – this is the heater to have.

Gloves which let you work your touchscreen and keep warm

Digits_iPad_mini_1_prYou’re on the train station, you’re walking to work, or you’re at the kids sport on a Saturday morning and it’s COLD – where do you feel it most?  The fingertips.  And if you throw some gloves on you’re not able to use the touchscreen on your smartphone – unless you have these.

The Moshi Digits are a $45 purchase online, they are comfy with a very wooly feel, and each fingertip will work on any touchscreen.  Simple!

They are available in Small/Medium and Large sizes.


For something a bit more high-end, the Kathmandu Advection Touchscreen Compatible Glove v2 will set you back closer to $80, and offer a more slim line protection from high winds which bring in those cool feelings.  Available in Small, Medium and Large.  Just the index finger will work on your touchscreen.


Bosch heated Jacket


Ok this thing, sensational.  I use this on the coldest of Saturday’s watching my son play soccer.  On the sideline with the other mums and dads I look warm, what they don’t know is that I’m not just warm, I’m cozy, sometimes too hot:)

On the back, and on the left and right breasts of the jacket are small elements, like a mini electric blanket.

It plugs into a Bosch power tool battery, and can sit on your belt or a pocket of the jacket.  Press the logo and in 20 seconds you’re warm.  It really is that fast.


Oh, and if your phone is running flat – you can charge it too!

A heated floor mat

Got a heater under your desk at work?  It’s dangerous and its sucking down power.


This mat is again – like an electric blanket for the floor.  I’ve actually been able to sit with my feet in socks on this, without needing to heat the whole room.


At just $50 it’s a must have for your home office or work desk.  This one is staying under my desk in the EFTM Studio!

The only thing that lets it down is it won’t turn itself off – so you need to set a timer, or just remember!

hand touching antimicrobial seatWarm to sit – the ultimate Toilet seat?

Ok, you didn’t see that coming did you?

Yep, it’s a toilet seat.

RA-HS Heated Seat_1243Plugs into power and that early morning toilet stop isn’t a shock to your butt.  Nope, its warm, and not the warm like a shared toilet as if someone’s just left before you:)

This time you know it’s there for you and you only.

Setting you back $250+ and up to $2,000 if you get a Bidet version, there’s something about throwing one of these on your existing toilet that could change your life.

Again, a timer would be good.  So – looking to buy one?  Try Royalet or The Bidet Shop.