Well what can you say, two Lamborghinis over four days. The mental looking Aventador and the equally radically designed Huracán. That’s $1,293,400 worth of supercar action that recently fell into the hands of EFTM. At those prices the proportion of the driving public granted the honour of driving one is almost infinitesimal. However in the true spirit of car porn here’s what we thought, enjoy the article and the pictures of course.


The Heavy Weight.

Straight up I’ll admit I’ve driven some pretty damn cool cars, the Nissan GT-R and high-end German saloons come to mind. But jumping into a Lambo is something new and I now know what genuine supercar credentials – down to the very core really mean.


Up first came the Aventador, a V12 mammoth designed by someone clearly berserk. With a 6.5-litre V12 engine and off script figures of 515kW and 690Nm this is a machine acutely dedicated to transferring you into another stratosphere if you dare. Unfortunately having the intestinal fortitude of Evel Knievel may be one thing but using those traits on Australian roads will quickly land you in a very bad place. So simply cruising around town was our main activity.

2015-06-30 13.57.17

The most striking thing about the Aventador is the pure rawness, with the mid-positioned engine there’s a constant cooling fan noise immediately behind you. It literally sounds like there are several of those outside air-conditioning units behind your head. Then comes having to actually drive the thing, a smooth commuter car this is not.

2015-06-30 23.23.36

Applying more than the usual run of the mill throttle application results in the most rabid acceleration experience I’ve had. The ability of the V12 to rev beyond seemingly damaging levels is extraordinary, the noise produced equally as remarkable.


Then there are the looks, a lower, flatter stance is surely not possible. Giant air intakes behind the front doors ingest litres of air at such a rate even standing next to them at idle seems hazardous.


The handling is sublime as you’d expect, with all four paws being driven by clever tech. The car is wide and very low, I’ve never been more conscious of speed humps, driveways or any incline in fact. You can raise the car by a handy number of centimetres at the push of a button but at $839,900 it is full scary, all of the time.


Without even venturing onto a track the verdict is pretty clear, the Lamborghini Aventador is the heavy weight in the line-up. Bristling with muscle and bulk and ready to bash your face in at a moment’s notice.

The Ninja.

Obviously the Huracán is still an all-out supercar and just as intimidating. This time the experience is joined by a mere 5.2-litre V10 with 449kW and 560Nm on offer. But this is your daily about town Lambo, less raw, less confronting and much more comfortable to a certain extent. You still have the letterbox view from the front window, the huge side mirrors, the aviation-style cockpit and plenty of car ahead of you. Blinkers are mounted on the steering wheel and many of the car’s functions are placed in a seemingly random way.

2015-07-02 00.03.29

Many parts come from parent company Audi, this is no bad thing especially when it comes to the innovative 12.3-inch TFT instrument cluster. But again there’s the all-out brutal power. I likened the Aventador to a heavyweight boxer, the Huracán is the Ninja. The power on tap snaps you into place in more of a stealth like, surprising way. It is possible to rocket from 80 to 110km in literally an instant.


While there are still a handful of metallic, clunking noises going on, the Huracán is far more drivable than the Aventador. But at the end of the day it is still a plaything for the rich and famous and a testament to what can be created by one of the world’s great supercar manufacturers.


Don’t ask about fuel economy because that’s irrelevant.


The $$$$

The Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 Coupé we tested had a base price of $761,500. Yup, but with $78,400 worth of options you need an even more substantial lotto win. With some must have items including the $13,800 special rims, the world’s most expensive reversing camera / sensors at $9,600 plus a distinctive $19,500 Rosso Mars paint job just to name a few it all seems fair enough right?


Whereas the Huracán is an absolute bargain weighing in from a mere $428,000, or in our case $454,000. That $20,300 Matt Black Neo Nemeis colour scheme and $5,700 reversing camera package is worth every cent right?

The Verdict.


Both the Aventador and Huracán are simply brilliant cars. We could spend thousands of words waxing lyrical about the cutting edge virtues of both but in reality all you need to know is this. These are absolutely mind-blowing, extraordinary cars and basically it doesn’t get much better, full stop.


2015-06-30 13.59.32