After the race weekend at Eastern Creek EFTM got out there to see the unveiling of the new livery for Team Penske, take a hot lap as a passenger and then drive the exact same car in Forza 6.


Firstly, the drive. Taking a hot lap in a V8 Supercar is one thing, doing it with two time V8 Supercar series winner AND NASCAR race winner Marcus Ambrose is another thing, but doing that on a wet track? Well, Marcus made that car do things I didn’t think was possible at high speed. We lapped that track as though it was dry, full pelt and without consideration for the poor chap in the passenger seat. It was a heck of a lot of fun and Marcus is a great driver.

After the drive we got to hear about how that car, along with nine others (all manufacturers are covered) will feature in the new Forza 6 when it lands in September. The great thing about all of this is that the liveries and car models will be current. This means that you will be able to drive the Bathurst circuit at the same time as the real cars are doing so in October. With XBOX One you could even do that with picture-in-picture if you wanted. Compare times with Marcus Ambrose. Too real.


We also had the chance to play the game and we must say that it looks fantastic. The visuals are insanely good and the gameplay is impressive. Being a huge Forza fan we were excited to see what was new. We know there will be 450 cars and there is a new track which is heavily advertised in their promos so far – Rio. We had the chance to drive around the new circuit and I can see why they are pumping this one up, it’s a great track with a wonderful mix of high speed, hill climbs and corners. A great multi-player track. We drove a different track and experienced the wet weather simulation. We haven’t driven in a game where the water has such an impact on the car. Rather than overall grip levels being low due to the weather, puddles and streams on the track had real impacts on the driving, it is sensational and really increases the difficulty in the racing. Another thing to look forward to.


We aren’t far from seeing Forza 6 on the shelves and from what we have seen we are very excited. If the effort taken to ensure that the game is released with current (to the minute) cars exist in the game is any indication then this will be a cracking game.