So this noticeboard arrived in the office to check out. Seemed simple, and low tech. But also confusing. Not so once you realise what it’s made to do – I’m talking about the Justick noticeboard.

The unit itself is like a whiteboard, pin it up somewhere in the house and conventional whiteboard markets can write on it and that’s all erasable.

Nothing special right. True.

But in fact you’re writing on a clear film, which you can lift up and put paper under. Those papers might be a calendar, school excursion notice, photos or whatever you choose. However, if you try and get them to sit in place then lay the film down how do they stay put? They’ll just fall out right?

Wrong, that’s where the wizard-like tech comes in. A few AA batteries in the top of the unit and there’s some strange “charge” that creates a static electric field that makes paper just stick to the white back surface!

Then you fold down the clear cover and you can jot notes for your family on top of or with arrows pointing at the paper notes underneath!!


It’s just $99.95, you’ll find it at their website.