Father’s day is tough.  Some blokes genuinely want socks.  Some just want a sleep in, others enjoy a great family lunch, but we all wanna buy something special for them and sometimes the ideas just aren’t flowing.  So, with a week to go – I’ve waded through the EFTM Man-cave to look for things that dad might just love:)

For the Car man

Laser Power Bank with car charger $129.95

150806_LASER Co_Portable Power Bank and Car Jump StarterCracking great present, not only can dad charge his mobile on the go, but if the car battery is on the blink – jump-start the car!  Simple and easy – especially for the dad who drives a lot in rural and remote areas, or, whose car just isn’t as reliable as he might hope.

From: www.laserco.com.au

Belkin Rockstar $59.95

150813_Belkin RockStar (2)I was impressed with this from the first time I heard about the concept, then I got my hands on one.  Plug this puppy into the cigarette lighter (ok ok you know what I mean!) and you’ve got two USB ports right there to charge your devices.  But wait, there’s more.  Follow the lengthy cable from that same single plug into the back seat and the kids have two ports also!  No-one need go into battery panic with this one!

From: www.belkin.com.au

Pioneer in-car multimedia system $948


So you’ve pooled together some cash from around the family and the budget’s looking a whole lot better.  This will blow his mind.  New car or old car, no car has a stereo this good.  The new AVH-X8750BT is a 7 inch touch-screen stereo for your car, with the obvious AM/FM, Bluetooth, USB etc.  But it’s also got Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.  Easily the best way to enjoy your smartphone in the car, offering hands free access to mapping, text messages, music and more, this will set you in the good books for a long long time.

From: Ryda.com


For the Music man

Beats Powerbeats2 headphones $259.95

Screen Shot 2015-08-29 at 10.02.02 pm

Look, any of the Beats range will hit the nail on the head if Dad loves music, but these are a bit different.  I don’t think Dad really wants those large over ear cans – so opt for this set which are  a bit more discreet but still offer great sound, and come in a range of colours.

From: Apple

Spotify Subscription $12-$144

Screen Shot 2015-08-29 at 11.00.02 pm

Easy! Dad loves music, give him 30 million songs!  Works on Android, iOS and desktop, as well as heaps of other products like Sonos Speakers, you can grab a last minute gift card from servo’s, Woolies or 7 Eleven in 1, 3, 6 and 12 month subscriptions for $12, $36, $72 and $144

From: Spotify

treVolo Bluetooth speaker – $399

image001 (1)

The treVolo from BenQ is a portable speaker with a “quad amplified design utilizing active electrostatic panels, high quality woofers, and large radiators” and the result is top-notch sound.  Yep, you’ve gotta pay for quality – that’s never been more important than with sound.  The other great thing is this one

From: BenQ


Gadget Man?

Oral B Toothbrush $179


The bees knees of Toothbrushes.  Without question.  Great comfortable feeling, recommended by more than the odd dentist here and there, and smartphone connectivity!  Dad’s phone will know how often he’s brushing – and how well he’s doing it too!  Super awesome for the tech-savvy Dad.

From: Harvey Norman

Philips StyleShaver $129


I’ve had this one for a while now, and I still don’t think you can do better if you’re a bearded Dad.  Sure there are trimmers with vacuums to clean up as you go, but the beauty here is you can trim, then shave – because you’ve gotta do both – or you’re just not getting it done right.

From: Shaver Shop

GoPro Session $579

Screen Shot 2015-08-29 at 11.01.26 pm

Dad want’s the latest?  Dad’s into action sports or filming everything under the sun?  GoPro Session is the winner.  This tiny little thing is brand new, and does everything the previous GoPros did but on a much much smaller scale.  Pricey, but that’s because you want to impress Dad right?

From: Sphere

A Smartwatch! $350+

Ok, this is tough – you can’t just name one product – but you’re on a winner in the impressing Dad stakes if this is in your sights.  You’re up for $300+, so tread careful.


For Android Dads, we recommend the Moto 360 or LG G Watch R – both very “watch like” with all the awesome Android Wear functionality.


For Apple Dads, hit him with an Apple Watch and he’s going to be stoked!


And if Dad isn’t super geeky, but loves a timepiece, I’m a fan of a Casio Edifice with Bluetooth so ask your local jeweller or watch shop about that one.

2015-06-04 22.36.32

From: All over the web and Jewellers.

Garmin NuviCam $499

Screen Shot 2015-08-29 at 11.04.19 pm

Forget the Street Directory, and forget that crappy sat-nav he’s got now.  Dad will love this.  A huge screen, great maps, easy directions with Garmin’s Real Vision and Real Directions plus, wait for it, a built-in DashCam.  So Dad can record any incidents he sees, or is involved in.  This is a cracker.

From: Garmin


Man’s man

Pressure Washer $149


Seriously, this is addictive.  Clean a bit of the concrete and Dad will be out there all day doing every spec of concrete.  Sandstone walls – back to new, Brick BBQ, back to new, Washing the car – save water.  It’s a huge win-win.  Kick if off with a smaller model, they do all the basics he’s going to want.

From: Bunnings

iGrill Mini $59.95

Screen Shot 2015-08-29 at 10.23.35 pm

BBQ loving dad?  Easy – get him the iGrill Mini and he’ll be able to chill out on the couch watching the footy using his smartphone to keep a “eye” on the steaks or roast out on the BBQ with this smart device.  A real winner.

From: Apple


Drone Dad

So, Drone Dads are on the increase, and if your Dad is asking for one, he’s seen the footage and he knows what he wants to do.  But be warned, they are expensive.  Yep, there are cheap ones, but they are utterly crap.  Simple as that, and I don’t want your Dad to have that disappointment.


If you must get a drone and can only spend less than $200, grab a Parrot MiniDrone, great fun around the house and backyard.

Parrot Bebop $799.95 – $1499.95 (With SkyController)

Screen Shot 2015-08-29 at 10.28.23 pm

Brilliant fun, controlled with your Smartphone or Tablet, this records video and will get some height and basic distance.  Add the SkyController for much more distance and a more stable flight experience using the sticks – real quality stuff.  Not the best in windy conditions, so I’d never consider this one out of beaches or off the headlands etc.

From: Apple

DJI Phantom 3 $1,299 – $1,950


The bees knees.  If you follow me on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook you’ll know how much I love this.  Sensational.  High winds, no problem.  Has built in safety to return home if its out of range or low battery and produces simply the most sensational video and stills you will get.  Honestly, amazing.  Dad will love you forever unconditionally if this is at the end of the bed on Father’s Dad (yes, he does already, but this helps more right? 🙂 )

From: Sphere