The new Moto 360 smartwatches are beautiful and they’re coming to Australia

We don’t have details on when yet, but Motorola have confirmed the new 2nd generation Moto 360 smartwatches are coming to Australia.  This is great news because they offer a wide – almost limitless – choice of design combinations, with compatibility for both Android and iOS phones.

I sat and chatted today to Motorola Marketing director Marcus Frost who took me through the Moto 360 range released here in Berlin at IFA.

Moto_360_(2nd gen)_Combo_Lifestyle

Rather than just being a single smartwatch, the 2nd generation Moto 360 is a “collection”.  There are four different watch faces, which themselves are available in a range of colours.

Moto_360_(2nd gen)_Womens_Silver_Angle

The men’s version of the 360 comes in two sizes, the 46mm watch face and 42mm, while the women’s version is a single size (42mm) with a more narrow watch band.

Moto_360_(2nd gen)_Womens_Rosegold_Front

Adding to those three is the Moto 360 Sport, this is a very different watch with a display made to be viewed outdoors, built-in GPS as well as the heart-rate sensor which is standard on all models.

Moto_360_(2nd gen)_Sport_Combo

Critically, each “size” variant is also available in a range of colours.  Men’s 360’s are Silver, Black and Gold, while the Women’s are Silver, Gold and Rose Gold.

Add to that the bezel which also comes in a range of colours and also comes in different “treatments” and you start to see how mixing and matching here will create a unique watch for each owner.

The latest updates to Android Wear with these new watches also makes iOS compatibility available, so Motorola and others now have a much larger market to attack for smartphone owners looking for a smartwatch.

Moto_360_(2nd gen)_Womens_Hero

These new Moto 360 watches look sensational, have a premium feel but will come at a price, with US pricing starting at $299.  Aussie pricing will be higher of course, and hopefully with Moto Maker – the service allowing you to fully customise your watch order from the factory – coming to Australia, though yet to be formally announced, we’ll have a wider range of possibilities available.

Oh, and Motorola claims a two day battery life on the new 360.  We’ll test that.

Moto_360_(2nd gen)_42mm_Cognac_Charging

Trevor Long traveled to IFA in Berlin as a guest of Sony

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