The idea of “tracking” your kids is super controversial, I get that, but reality check people – it ain’t the 80’s any more, and kids just aren’t out roaming the streets.  So for parents looking for some peace of mind – enter the Trax GPS Tracker.

Actually useful for kids or pets, or frankly anything that’s on the go, this little device can be slotted into a belt holster, or just hooked onto your kid’s school bag or the dog’s collar.


With a SIM card built-in there’s nothing really to do other than activate and get started.

It will set you back $289 in Australia which is delivered to your door and includes two years of monitoring.


Within the app you can set up geo-fences around various locations like your block, the park or school.


That means you can get notification when the tracker enters any of those zones – or leaves.

There’s also speed alerts, and an augmented reality feature which means you can hold the phone up as if to be recording a video of your area, and your child’s location will appear virtually within the image.


Great idea, a touch pricey, but what price peace of mind?

Web: Trax