Ok, put this in the do we really need it category if you like, but there’s some sense in this and it’s pretty cool. I stumbled across this little fella at IFA in Berlin with the makers looking for international distribution. It’s a 100% working phone, but it ain’t smart, in fact they call it the “Anti-Smartphone”.


It’s the size of a credit card, and is 5mm thin. It looks more like a mini calculator than anything else, but around back is a slot for a MicroSIM turning this into a genuine phone.

But it can also be a companion device. Acting as a Bluetooth “earpiece” for your smartphone and even copying up to 500 contacts from your smartphone. I reckon it’s best use is as a standalone phone.


At $60 or so in the US it’s not cheap, lets say under $100 in Australia, it’s pricey compared to other “dumb” phones, however they aren’t as sleek as this fella.

You’ll get three hours of talk time, or three days standby time from the battery, and it’s ideally suited to people who need to “keep their number” so carry two phones – one for work, one for personal use.

There’s no 3G capabilities in the current version, that will come – so the existing one won’t work on Aussie networks in 18 months from now – nothing stopping you using one between now and then though:)