Creating a tasty yet healthy meal in the middle of the week can be an impossible thought. It is so easy to grab a pizza or roast chicken but bear with us, this will be a better option and will give you leftovers for the next day too.



  1. Two cups of rice
  2. One large carrot
  3. One large zucchini
  4. One bunch of broccolini
  5. One red capsicum
  6. 200g of mushrooms
  7. Two cloves of garlic
  8. One brown onion
  9. 500g of diced lamb
  10. Mongolian Sauce (yes we are cheating slightly)


Making it happen

1. Before you start chopping anything up, get the rice cooker going. We are using a new Panasonic model which has easy settings for rice and measurements. Add the rice, add the water and get it going. It is good to know your rice cooker at this point to know when to start cooking, but you can do step 2 now regardless.

2. All those vegetables listed above – cut them. Ideally slices rather than butchered. Discard the ends of the zucchini, the stems of the broccolini, the heart of the capsicum and the peel of the onion.

3. This step will take around ten minutes so try and do this right before your rice is ready. Warm up the stove with a tablespoon of oil and add the onion first, wait a minute and then add the lamb.

4. Toss it all around and once it all looks sealed add the remaining vegetables and keep it all stirring. See why it is called “Stir Fry”?IMG_4019

5. Add all of the sauce into the pan and toss until everything looks covered. Mongolian sauce is a little black so don’t worry about the colour too much.

6. Now that the rice is ready, start serving. I am the sorta guy that likes more meat/sauce/veg than rice but do with it whatever you like!

7. Pack left overs into containers and enjoy that tomorrow at work.